The realization presented here involves the general repair of acrylic panels in a private pool. Before entering the construction site, you could see a huge deflection of several centimeters in the panels. With the existing thickness of the panels the deflection should be counted in a few millimeters, not centimeters ! This was due to improper fixing in the sockets, which were steel posts. The scale of the leak was gigantic, within an hour the pool lost several liters, which flowed down the channels under the pool.

It was necessary to dismantle the panels. For this purpose we made towers , on which we pulled the panels. After exposing the sealing areas, it turned out that there was no one-size-fits-all technology. Partly the panels were covered with resin, partly with concrete and, most shockingly, we found pieces of cardboard and corrugated cardboard there. All the panels were dismantled and sanded. During sanding, the acrylic showed strange characteristics not known to us in Rohm acrylic. This stage of the work was very time-consuming and took 8 weeks.

We made new waterproofing, which carefully covered all the required surfaces. After this stage, we introduced the panels into place. Their deflection was a few millimeters. Making all the seals , took another 4 weeks.

After flooding in the pool there were two minimal leaks which we easily eliminated. The pool has been completely sealed for half a year and the customer is happy.