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Acrylic Pool is a company specializing in the use of PMMA (Acrylic glass). Our main activity concerns the swimming pool industry, for which we design acrylic swimming pools panels  and underwater windows, but also additional elements, such as screeds.

We also design large aquariums (mega tanks) and complex items for industry.

We have a great knowledge of existing material and technology, we are constantly looking for new solutions and savings in the production process.

Innovation, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking are important in our trade and is our forte. We also strive to ensure that our services, products and technologies are environmentally friendly.

The key aspect of our work is the optimization of the design and manufacturing process so that the production is as cost-effective as possible. This applies not only to the thickness of the material but also to its dimensions, packaging and transport. We save the Client’s time and budget.

Customers about us

Our capacity to run international and local projects gives us the opportunity
to service a broad portfolio of clients.

Uniqueness of this implementation, specifically the installation of the tunnel 20 meters long and weighting 16 tons, meant this was an immensely sophisticated task. Company FF ( Acrylicpool Group) did that task as per initial agreement, showing high level of engagement. Communication with the company was also flawless.

Company did the work within stage and final deadlines. I recommend  as a contractor for even the most challenging of acrylic projects.

Michał Braszczyński

We declare that acrylic company FF (Acrylicpool Group). from Gdańsk, did between 01.01.2019 and 01.06.2020 for hotel Moderno, ul. Kolejowa 29, 60-718 Poznań design, delivery and installation of acrylic panels valued PLN 1 mln+, of which the main part was two PMMA panels, sized 750 cm x 300 cm and one sized 750 cm x 250 cm.

Installation was flawless.

Jack Kalicki

NDI SA with its registered office in Sopot, NDI sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Sopot, Balzola Polska sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw, Construcciones y Promociones Balzola, Sociedad Anonima with its registered office in Bilbao, on behalf of which – as the Consortium Leader – NDI SA operates, we certify that Forma Fabrica (Acrylicpool Group) with itsregistered office in Gdańsk has carried out works for the Consortium related to the supply andinstallation of two acrylic windows with a diameter of 1m as part of the construction of the second stage of the Comprehensive Sports Center of the Naval Academy in Gdynia, including the construction of an indoor swimming pool (with a moving bottom). The windows were framed at heights of 2.11 m below the water surface and 3.45 m. The flooding test showed no leakage. The time of implementation of assembly works on the construction site was 4 days.

The work was carried out with due diligence, in accordance with the schedule and budget. The company has demonstrated professionalism and punctuality, which allows us to recommend Acrylicpool Group as a company that is reliable and solid.

Michał Sadowski

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